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       Wanda Coffey

                              Signature Member of  the  Women Artist of the West


About the Artist

Married to a cowboy from Texas with a family history rich with western heritage and tradition, Wanda's art depicts the real life of the west.

The Four Corner Area provides her with a wide range of subjects to choose from. The Great Navajo Reservation, ranches, deserts, and mountains of New Mexico and Arizona  are great settings  for art work.

The great canyons, rock formations, and mountains of Utah and Colorado widen her range of  subjects, as she portrays the hearty people and their rugged environment.  Her paintings will be long lasting reminders of a life style that has changed drastically in her lifetime and is now disappearing.


Artist's Statement

Painting cowboys, horses, cattle, and the wide open spaces of the American Southwest is a challenge that excites me.  The horse is a powerful animal, and watching the grace and beauty of a well trained horse perform calls for trying to capture it's movements on canvas or paper.

I have been on cattle drives, rodeos, and many ranches in my career as artist, and have taken numerous photos and done many sketches from which I do a drawing on tracing  paper first for composition and structure, then I transfer it to my canvas or paper. I use strong color which I apply over an under painting where I establish my values and color.

I have been painting professionally for the past 35 years, but have practiced and trained in my chosen profession most of my life. This includes studying  drafting at the university of Michigan, for a short time.

I have instructed both oil painting and watercolor for 10 years at San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico.

Teachers who have been a positive influence in my career include: Bob Tommy, Ben Konis, Lee K. Parkinson, Randy Follis, and Curt Walters.  

Publications include "Art of the American West", a featured article in Western Horseman  Magazine, and The Rocky Mountain Rider Magazine.

Fortunately my paintings are included in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States.