Drawing Horses THe Easy Way
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Drawing Horses The Easy Way

Drawing Horses The Easy Way
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The manual contains 87 pages and prints out on
8.5 x 11 inch paper.

There are over 120 drawings and photographs.

The downloable manual is complete with covers.
Now you will be able to print your own manual or you can just print the pages you want to work with.

The manual contains:

Supply List
Tips for using your drawing tools.
Texture Samples
Drawing tips on things I have learned to do as I draw.
A diagram showing the different parts of the horse, with the names.
How to draw a horse head from different angles, and then shade the head.
How to compose the horse and keep it in proportion.
Sizing the horse in rear, front, side and 3/4 side view.
How to attach the head to the body correctly with the horse in different positions.
How to shade the body.
Drawing from photos.
How to turn the horse and foreshorten it.
Charts showing the different gates of the horse.
Many graphics of horses you can use for practice.

Download the free section of
the manual here.

Download Now  4.5 MB   drawinghorses.exe

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This is an ebook which is self contained and  does not install or change any files on your computer.

To uninstall just delete the drawing horses.exe file.